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Our Story

Born out of love of fine wines and gourmet food, Nelson Tucker has become the premiere reviewer of wine (other than Robert Parker) in California. After traveling the world and sampling different wines and cuisines, he decided to make his way back home and bring the world of wines to you.

Nelson writes extensively as a ghost writer for major trade publications under a pseudonym.  "I prefer to remain anonymous when writing for major publications since it allows me to truly express the characteristics of the wine without receiving hate mail," said Tucker in an interview. "On the other hand, if a wine is genuinely superior I am pleased to sing its praises!" Those wines end up on this website.

Since 1992, Nelson has been known as The Wine Guy.  Yes, there are many others who call themselves by the same name but he is the only one with the legal right to use it - he doesn't care as long as they enjoy wine as much as he does!

He and his wife, Elva, have traveled the world visiting 36 wine producing countries in the past 20+ years.  On their next trip they are  sure to discover a great wine in an unexpected place.  He will let you in on the secret when he returns.



"There is absolutely no substitute for the best.  Great wine cannot be made of inferior grapes no matter how inventive the winemaking. It is true craftmanship to use the best fruit available and to make it into the best wine!" 

- The Wine Guy - 2016