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Bourassa Vineyards
2014 Harmony3
Wine Guy Reviews 94

Bourassa Vineyards continues to product award-winning wines year after year and this is no exception.

The wine releases a wonderful bouquet of violet and black currant aromas. When the wine flows on the palate, there is an explosion of dark ripe cherries followed by a touch of pleasingly sweet tobacco.  The wine further develops in the glass with full-bodied elegance and a smooth lingering finish, which is a clear indicator that this wine will age nicely….but, why would you not enjoy it now?

A perfect pairing will be with Braised Beef Short Ribs.

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Bourassa Vineyards

2012 Vinum Auri
Wine Guy Reviews 97

Vic Bourassa has done it, again!  This vintage is a serious step up from the previous vintage (as expected).  Not knowing the vineyards of its origin, the pleasant dusty nose indicates the Rutherford appellation.

The growing season was perfect for producing an almost perfect wine.  The beautiful bouquet says “Hurry up and taste me!”  The palate is rewarded with rich velvety dark fruit and cassis with a round mouthfeel. The wine offers a long lingering finish with well-balanced acidity and satiny tannins.

I conducted the tasting without food for the first 30 minutes and compared again with a Filet Mignon.  The wine stands on its own and is further glorified with the cuisine.

This is a wine for special occasions and will cellar for many, many years.  But, why wait?  Did I mention that it was rated at “97”?

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Trujillo Wines

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Guy Reviews 93

The aromas jump forward with rich black raspberry, black cherry, plum, and deep tones of dark chocolate. Intensive, upfront depth with complexity that reveals a sophisticated flavor profile with rich, well-rounded, refined and delicate tannins. The expressive flavors are bold, yet are silky and mouth filling.  As with all superior wines, this one continues to open up as it lingers in the glass. This wine is approachable now but will cellar well for many years and prove to be age worthy.

The wine is 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, and 1% Petit Verdot.  It was aged for 21 months in 100% French oak (85% new barrels).

True balance of oak, tannins and alcohol all result in a long lingering, complex finish on this perfectly crafted Cabernet. A wine to enjoy now and well into the next decade. 

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Trujillo Wines
2014 Madelynne Red Cuvée
Wine Guy Reviews 92

This red wine blend has Howell Mountain Merlot as its base wine. With a dominant Merlot composition, the aromas are silky with hints of plum, raspberry and sweet vanilla. An abundance of fruit flavors of red cherry, raspberry and plum, pleases the palate, bursting forward with smoothness flowing to a well-balanced, sound structured, silky finish. 

A delightfully, easy drinking red wine, that needs no decanting, to be enjoyed in any casual setting.

The wine is 46% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Malbec, 12% Petite Verdot, 4% Cabernet Franc, aged for 22 months in 100% French oak barrels.

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Bourassa Vineyards
2011 Vinum Auri
Wine Guy Reviews 96

My first 96 in over 7 years! This wine deserves all of the accolades it can get.

Vinum Auri is Latin for "Wine of Gold" and it is just that!

Aromatics layered with ripe fruit of blackberries and currants with a hint of cinnamon. This full-bodied wine is both broad and savory with a bold, yet elegant, body. The ripe, dark berries, black currants, spice, mocha and subtle oak are pleasing on the palate. It is a well balanced wine with complexityand richness reserved only for top-notch Napa Valley Cabs.

This Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon will cellar for at least 15 years and beyond.

I don't know how he does it, year after year, but Vic Bourassa continues to craft exceptional wines that are pure gold!


Bourassa Vineyards
2014 "Symphony 3" Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Guy Reviews 95

Ripe fruit, vanilla and cedar greet the nose while blackberry, raspberry, plum, cassis show beautifully on the palate in this perfectly balanced wine that features a long lasting  chocolate  finish.

The wine is elegant, aromatic and polished.

Surprisingly, priced reasonably for such a high quality wine that, in a blind tasting, would rate a value of considerably more. Go to their website to see the reasonable price of this 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon.

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